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Stern Ingredients India Limited


Stern Ingredients India Limited

Stern Ingredients India is a subsidiary of the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and feed ingredients. The group is made up of 12  specialist ingredients companies with extensive applications technology that enables practical product development in close collaboration with customers.

The company offers customised and economical solutions for flour and bread improvement and fortification to the Indian food industry. The company has set up two Stern India Technology and Innovation Centres (SITIC), a state-of-the-art rheology and baking laboratories in India to cater to Indian milling and baking industries. This enables the company to constantly innovate and always stay ahead of the curve.

Being in the Indian milling and baking industry, the company has been instrumental in shaping changes in the industry and found ground-breaking solutions for standardising and optimising flour for bakers and millers. 

From the onset of Covid-19, the global food supply chain has been disrupted. The company has focused on raw material substitution while also delivering cost savings. Power G5 is the latest and all-rounder robust product that replaces 100% added gluten and is only 1/10th the dosage.

It helps bakers save 65% of added gluten costs while delivering better oven spring and finer crumb structure.

The company, through years of experience and know how, connecting with DeutscheBack, Mühlenchemie and SternEnzym, has developed a range of solutions for commodity replacement.

  • Power G5 - Gluten Replacer Concentrate

  • Power S1 - Soya Flour Replacer

Power series works across different bread types enabling partial or complete reduction of added gluten and soya flour. This offers a significant cost saving to bakeries by helping them reduce their gluten and soya flour spending. This enables the customer to mitigate fluctuations in raw material prices, supply shortages, volatile production costs, and competitive pricing pressure. 

Economical products that don’t compromise on the customer’s product quality. The company can offer products that are both innovative and cost-saving. The research and development team is constantly working to develop cost-saving and easy to use products for the bakery and flour milling industry.