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Flour Treatment / Flour Improvers

Basic Treatment Raw Materials Description/Effects
Decolox Flour Whitener Strong bleaching effect on the flour,
firmer gluten structure
LENTInovo Crumb Whitener Brightens the crumb,
Fine texture
EMCEvit C Vital Wheat Gluten Increases dough stability,
Improves the processing properties of the dough,
Increases fermentation tolerance,
Boosts volume yield
EMCEvit C Power Vital Wheat Gluten Increases dough stability,
Improves the processing properties of the dough,
Increases fermentation tolerance,
Boosts volume yield
Rowelit Acidity Regulator Improves the baking properties of sprout-damaged wheat,
Raises the falling number,
Corrects undesirable baking properties at increased enzymatic activity
OXEM ADA Better fermentation tolerance,
Greater volume yield
ELCO C-100K Ascorbic Acid Strengthened gluten, Greater loaf volume,
Finer crumb (i.e. smaller, more even cells/bubbles),
Increased tenderness of the crumb,
Reduced crust thickness, Faster rising
Mulgaprime Series Emulsifiers Finer texture/crumb,
Better dough stability,
Longer shelf-life
Leciflor Emulsifiers Better dough properties and machinability,
Finer crumb structure,
Longer shelf-life
Soynovo Soya Flour Brightens the crumb,
Fine texture
EMCE Malt Malt flour Boosts oven rise,
Better browning and more flavour,
Prolongs the shelf-life
Enzyme Systems Basic Enzymes Systems Description/Effects
VC 5000 Fungal Alpha-amylase All desired concentrations,
Use with high falling numbers,
Boosts oven rise,
Increases baked volume, reduces firmness of the dough
LPX Carboxylesterases Enzyme complexes with specificity for triglycerides, phospholipidsand glycolipids naturally present in the flour. Standardized side activities for:
  • Stabilizing the dough
  • Increasing the volume yield
  • Enhancing texture
  • Brightening the crumb
PRO Proteases Splits the protein strands of the gluten skeleton,
Plastic, easily shaped doughs, Reduces dough resistance,
Enhances flavour and browning,
Increases extensibility,
Prevents cracking of biscuits, Shortens dough resting time
HC Hemicellulases Good to extremely good extensibility of the doughs,
Firms or relaxes the dough,
Releases water / reduces viscosity,
Dries and strengthens wheat and rye doughs,
High volume yields, Fine texture,
Improves machinability
ROX Glucose Oxidase Strengthens the gluten, Produces firmer dough,
Increases the stability of wheat and rye doughs,
Increases water absorption,
Improves dough tolerance,
Increases fermentation stability,
Improves processing properties
Fresh Bacterial Amylases Enhances browning of baked products
Enzyme Systems Subsitues Description/Effects
Bx Bromate Substitute Standardized enzyme and oxidation systems for long or short dough processes,
High volume yields, even with large percentages of fat and sugar
Ax ADA Substitute Standardized enzyme systems for long or short dough processes
EMCE Gluten Plus S Gluten Substitue - 30 to 50% Increases dough stability,
Improves the processing properties of the dough,
Increases fermentation tolerance
Soft P Cysteine Shorter mixing times,
Better processing properties of the doughs,
Less resistance to extension, Greater extensibility, Softens the gluten
Functional Enzyme Treatment Booming Series - Bakery Flour Treatment Description/Effects
Bread Bread Improver
Booster Bread Improver Strengthens gluten in flour,
Improves elasticity of the gluten,
Enhances quality of bakery product made with medium to soft wheat flour,
Increases bread volume and Oven Spring
SMR Bread Improver Increases bread volume significantly,
strengthens dough tolerance to variations in fermentation,
Enhances the machinability of the dough,
Gives excellent crumb structure and crumb softness.
BM 340 Oxy Bread Improver Helps in pleasant dough properties,
Improves tolerance for variations in fermentation time and temperature,
Increases bread volume, Enhances colour,
Texture and mouth feel of end product,
Optimises dough extensibility
SIPA South Indian Parotha Improver Retain the moisture in the parotha dough,
Keeps the dough soft (NOT STICKY and SLACK), arid from out, moist and soft from within even after 3 to 4 hours of preparation.
Helps dough machinability and extensibility during sheeting without tearing,
Maintains the softness, freshness and flakiness of South Indian Parotha
NW Series New wheat improver
Ruskzym Rusk Improver
Bunzym Bun Improver
Pizzazym Pizza base Improver
Baguettezym Baguette Improver
Puffzym Puff & Khari improver
Snackzym Indian snacks Improver
LQ4020 Wafer and Cones Improver Rapid viscosity reduction,
Homogeneous doughs/batters,
No stiffening of the batters,
Even wafer structure, Homogeneous hardness,
Fewer broken wafers, Greater throughput,
Lower energy costs, Improves return dough/batter
BK5020 Biscuits Improver Softens the dough, Plastic,
easily shaped doughs, Reduces dough resistance,
Increases extensibility, Prevents cracking,
Shortens dough resting times
Pastazym Pasta Improver Enhances the visual and sensory properties of fresh
and dried pasta, Firmer structure,
Less loss through cooking
AccuFeed Micro Feeder for improver
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