Stern India Technology & Innovation Center

"SITIC is the one stop center for technology & innovative solutions for milling & baking industries to achieve high quality products.

SITIC is a highly sophisticated laboratory, facilities for evaluation of physical, chemical and rheological characteristics of wheat products, coupled with pilot bakery facility for production and evaluation of variety bakery products, Indian breads and pasta products.

Provide technical solutions for flour, trainings and seminars to customers. Help the Bakers & millers by providing them technology and know how with Improvers, Mixes & Premixes, etc.

SITIC has 4 application laboratories (Industrial Trail Bakery) and a complete flour testing & rheology Lab -
  • Baking Application Lab - we bake the end products like Bread, buns, Puff, Khari, Rusk, Pizza, donut, cakes, Danish Pastry, muffins, Baguette, whole wheat bread or Atta bread, high fiber bread, multi grain bread, etc.
  • Indian Flat Breads - like Tandoori roti, Chapatti, South Indian Parotha, Puri, Bhatura, etc. (Atta & Maida).
  • Indian Snacks & Sweets (Halwai & Farsan) - Like Samosa, Kachori, Dhokla, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, etc.
  • Pasta and Dried and Instant Noodles Laboratory
Rheology & complete wheat flour testing laboratory -

Apart from regular flour testing like, Moisture, ash, gluten, SV, Colour, Granulation, Protein, etc., what gives SITIC an upper edge is the world class testing devices at our Rheological lab - Farinograph, Extensograph (Brabender, Germany), and Glutomatic, Falling number (Perten, Sweden).

SITIC is an ISO & GMP Certified center & FSSAI approved, manned by highly qualified and trained scientific staff. Research and development are one of the core competences of our Stern-Wywiol-Gruppe.

We attach great importance to dialogue with our customers in a spirit of partnership. We feel it is essential for research and development to go hand in hand with dialogue between the group and its customers in a spirit of partnership. This close contact enables us to find quick and efficient solutions for clearly defined frames of reference. But our work is by no means finished when that is done. We accompany the use of our products with our know-how, get to know the demands of other applications and enhance our solutions all the time.

Mühlenchemie-Stern belongs to the most specialized companies in the world for flour treatment and vitamin-mineral premixes.

SITIC invites milling and baking industries for partnership to produce premium quality
products and for best performance.

The Expert from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe:
from Single Ingredients to Functional Systems